We ask that you please take a few minutes to fill out the registration forms prior to check-in with your pet. Please do so by filling out the forms under the 'Fill Out Online Forms' section or printing the forms under the 'Print & Fill Out Forms' section below. 

Filling out these registration forms ensures we do not miss any critical information about your pet, so that we may provide the absolute best and personalized care.


Fill Out Online Forms

Please complete the Owner Information as well as one Pet Information Form for each pet that will be staying with us.

Print & Fill out Forms

If you would prefer to print the form, please feel free to scan and email them to us at gigisgroomboard@gmail.com or bring them with you when you check-in.


All dogs four months and older need up-to-date Rabies and Bordetella inoculations. Please bring documentation from your veterinarian of immunization records for each pet staying with us with you at your check-in.* 

Please make sure to also review our Terms & Conditions (click here).

Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions relating to the daycare and/or boarding of one or more of my dogs at Gigi's Pet Grooming & Boutique, LLC (Gigi's Groom & Board or Company).

If my dog becomes ill or injured for any reason while in the care of the Company, I give permission to the Company to take all reasonable actions to obtain medical treatment for my dog, including the use of a veterinarian. I understand that they Company will bring my dog to my veterinarian if it is reasonable convenient for the Company to do so; otherwise, the Company will bring my dog to a veterinarian that the Company chooses. I agree to pay for all costs of such treatment immediately upon demand by the Company.

I shall provide the Company with enough food to feed my dog during his/her entire boarding period with the Company. If the Company needs to replace this food during my dog's boarding period, I authorize the Company to purchase replacement food of the same type, if it is reasonably available for purchase, or if is not reasonable available, the Company may purchase a similar type of food. I agree to reimburse the Company for all costs of such food immediately upon demand by the Company.

I understand that there are certain risks in leaving my dog in the custody of the Company, including illness, injury, pregnancy, or even death. Furthermore, I understand that the Company has wooden fences that are six feet tall, and certain dogs can jump over or climb over a fence of this type. I agree that if my dog becomes ill, injured, or pregnant, or if my dog escapees or dies while in the custody and care of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for such illness, injury, pregnancy, or death if it acted in a reasonable manner.

I shall reimburse the Company immediately upon demand by it for any costs that it incurs as a result of the behavior of my dog. Furthermore, I agree to indemnify the Company and its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, successors, assigns, and heirs, and hold them harmless as to any costs, damages or legal expenses incurred in the defense of any and all personal injury or other claims, including claims for negligence, brought by a third party arising from or related to my actions or the actions of my dog while on the premises of, or in the custody of, the Company. I hereby represent that I have insurance coverage and/or financial resources adequate to pay for any injury or damage which could be caused by my dog while it is in the care and custody of the Company.

The Company is not responsible for any loss of or damage to personal property that I leave with the Company.

If my dog dies while in the custody of the Company, the Company will use reasonable efforts to notify me as soon as possible. If I cannot pick up my dog's body within a reasonable period of time, the Company will take my dog's body to my veterinarian if it is reasonably convenient for the Company to do so; otherwise, the Company may take my dog's body to a veterinarian that it chooses. The Company may decide whether or not an autopsy should be conducted. I shall pay such veterinarian expenses immediately upon demand.

If I abandon my dog with the Company, the Company may bring it to a dog shelter of its choice.

If my dog poses a safety or health risk to other dogs or people due to viciousness or ill health, the Company may remove the dog from its facility and take it to a dog shelter. However, before it does so, the Company will use reasonable efforts to contact me. In addition, I understand that the Company may refuse to allow my dog into its facility due to viciousness or ill health.

I hereby consent to my dog co-mingling with other dogs in the Company's facility.

I hereby consent to my dog cohabitation with other dogs overnight in the Company's facility.

If my dog is a small dog, I hereby consent to a crate being used to house my dog; crates shall be used to house one dog only.

Any dispute which arises between the Company and me which we cannot otherwise resolve shall be submitted to the American Arbitration Association for binding arbitration in Denver, Colorado pursuant to its Commercial Arbitration Rules, except that disputes concerning $15,000 or less shall be resolved in the small claims or county courts of Douglas County, Colorado. The parties consent to personal jurisdiction and venue being proper in the courts of Douglas County, Colorado. An arbitrator(s)' award shall be final and binding and may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its/his/her reasonable costs and attorney's fees from the losing party.

The Company may rely on the accuracy of the information that I have provided to it.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth above.

These terms are effective from June 2, 2016.